Services & Rates

Dog Walking  

Price includes: pick up and drop off.

  • 90 minute walk – $25.00
  • 60 minute walk – $20.00
  • 30 minute walk – $15.00

Dog Running 

Price includes : pick up, drop off and water break.

  • 60 minute run – $35.00
  • 30 minute run – $25.00

*each additional dog (from the same household)  $10.00 additional charge per walk/run.

There is no need to commit to more than one walk. However, we do offer one free walk per week to our clients who are on a set schedule with at least 3 walks per week.

Potty Break Service

The Potty Break Service is just that, a break. I will go to your home, let out your dog(s) for a bathroom break and a drink of water (if requested).

  • $10.00 per visit – no charge for additional dogs.

Prescription Medication Administration

Dogs get sick just like humans do! Now you don’t have to worry about how they get that afternoon dosage.

  • $5.00 per visit, per dog.

Veterinarian / Groomer Transportation

I will get your dog safely to a vet appointment, even emergency visits and the groomer and I will let them out for a potty break upon our arrival home.

  • $20.00


If you require a service that I do not offer just ask!


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